Our Services

At Convergency, we:

Develop win/win partnerships that benefit all parties

Strengthen mission driven organizations

Focus on winning issue campaigns and coalitions

Help CEOs and executive teams transform their organizations.

Help organizations build advocacy muscle

Case Studies

Learn how we put our services into action.

Delivering an Artificial Pancreas

When the type 1 diabetes community saw the potential for a game-changing medical device that automated the delivery of insulin based on the real-time need of the patient, Larry Soler led a JDRF team that developed a strategy involving scientific research, venture philanthropy, overcoming regulatory......

Assessing and Improving Organizations

Convergency works with NGO and trade association CEOs, senior management teams and boards to evaluate the status and effectiveness of organizations. We also provide ongoing support to CEOs.  ...

JDRF SDP Campaign

Convergency founder Larry Soler played a central role in quarterbacking several successful JDRF campaigns to secure renewal of the federal Special Diabetes Program (SDP) which directs $150 million a year to T1D research. Melding strategic media elements such as op eds in key national and......

Public/Private Partnerships

When former First Lady Michelle Obama announced her intention to focus on reducing childhood obesity, a group of national foundations came together to create a new nonprofit, Partnership for a Healthier America to help Mrs. Obama.  PHA’s mission was to work with the private sector......

Stem Cell Research

In 2000, there was growing excitement in the scientific community over the potential of stem cell research to unlock the doors to treatments and cures for multiple chronic diseases....

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